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The main story: 

5.12 earthquake in 2008 The wenchuan earthquake donation of 500000 yuan.

In August 2011, xiong county for DaZhuang Village donation of 1 million was established.

On July 21, 2012, is a rare one hundred worst yihsien floods a donation of 1.5 million.

From 1993 to 2012, 20 years in a row for the holiday for the elderly poor families in the village subscription.

Company all the year round to baoding 3 subsidies for poor living expenses.

Donation of ten thousand festival bonus for DaZhuang Village teachers teachers' day every year.

In March 2013, in my company has learned the longquan guan township primary school in a new school, it is teaching supplies such as lack of desk and chair. In April, after contact fuping county government office and the department in charge of education, giving longquan fuping county guan elementary school tables and chairs cost amounted to 135000, jointly by I KangLong group and zhuangzi construction group negotiation donated capital contribution to fuping county bureau of education sub-center exclusive account transfer the purchase. I group donated 67500 yuan to the.

In April 2013, xiong county bureau of education for donated 1 million yuan to build a primary school.

During teachers' day on September 10, 2013, donated 150000 yuan reward excellent teachers.

In October 2013, with the city commission for discipline inspection in fuping county township xiazhuang village teams face basin and the research and investigation, two committees team to fully support the basin that wash a face village cultivation of grifola rich, is now giving capital of 150000 yuan.