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KangLong group Cerberus tetragonal realty service co., LTD. Was established in July 13, 2009, is a KangLong real estate group co., LTD., a subsidiary, is a professional property services management, property management consulting, property project hosting provider, is mainly engaged in residential, office buildings, hotels and other property service enterprise. Registered capital of 3 million yuan, belong to the national level 3 qualification property management enterprise. 

Company since its inception in 2009, following the KangLongJun scene, KangLong cheng jing, KangLong group office building project, from early intervention to the prophase realty service is tracking all the way, from the aspects of planning and design, sales, undertake checking, etc are put forward reasonable Suggestions and adopted. Company in line with "36524 green channel for you waiting for" service tenet, for developers and owners planning and implementation of property management plan, make the property value maintained and added, will increase the maintenance and operation of property management from the general to the whole process, the property of marketing, service and management, achieve the goal of owners and developers at ease, satisfied. 

We in line with "the fight for honor, fight for the brand" spirit of enterprise, to the natural history of the industry peak, is to serve the specification "for the enterprise mission, to" good property management, good management, good service, to create a good life "for the service, wholeheartedly to undertake projects to provide quality of property management and thoughtful property services. 

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